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Review from the Coast Independent

From Harbour Publishing comes T'aal: The One Who Takes Bad Children. Like Grimm's Fairy Tales, this legend told by Sliammon elder Sue Pielle with the help of Anne Cameron, is a frightening but vivid lesson in the virtues of children obeying their parents. When two siblings from an ancient Sliammon village are sent after dark to fetch their grandmother, they are captured by a monster-like creature known as "The One Who Takes Bad Children" and thrown into an enclosure with all of the children who through the ages had been caught because they had disobeyed their parents. With enhancement by clever black and white illustrations by Greta Guzek, the creators of this tale tell how the siblings bring about the demise of the monster, but in the process release a pest that stll torments us today.
-Betty Keller, Coast Independent