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Praise for Tales from the Galley

“Armitage’s strength as an interviewer is that she quite clearly befriends her subjects, puts them at ease, and gets them talking. Her strength as a writer is that she takes the resulting material and steps out of the way – her subject’s voices are always in the forefront, with her own voice only taking over, quietly, to move the narrative from one topic to the next. The resulting text engages the reader with the same intimacy and immediacy as if one were sitting in a warm galley, chewing the fat with a mix of good friends and new acquaintances while the weather beats agains the windows.”
—Simon Hill, Mariner Life

“The old cliché that fact is stranger than fiction rings true as these mariners retell accounts from a world far removed from the run-of-the-mill, land-bound occupations so many of us experience...
“Armitage still has her knack of letting these interviewees speak for themselves to portray a nautical realm that is by turn amusing, terrifying, fascinating and real.”
—Martyn J. Clark, Victoria Times-Colonist