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"Jeanne Marie's books pave the way by telling you how to cook properly for a better quality of life."
-Dr. Patrick Keefe, DC, Doctor of Education

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The All Natural Allergy Cookbookby Jeanne Marie Martin was my life preserver when I first learned that my son had food allergies. It contains a well-written introduction and glossary to help novices learn what ingredients to substitute for the old, familiar and suddenly dangerous ones, and how to use these newfangled substances. The receipes are consistently good. Some of our favorites include Brown Rice Breakfast Chews, Granola, Zucchini-Carrot Muffins, Lasagna, and Kiwi-Tofu Parfaits. Without the help of this book, I wouldn't have had the foundation on which to develop new recipes of my own.

-Susan Weitz, Table Settings

"this book is very useful"
This book has recipes for frozen desserts, main courses, soups and sauces, and many other items. Most are vegetarian or vegan, and they're quite tasty. But I'll focus on the baked goods, since they're the hardest to get right (in my experience).

Unlike the recipes in many popular gluten-free cookbooks (which contain lots of sugar, white flours and shortening), the baked goods in this book are made from whole grains (or non-grain flours, like quinoa or cassava) and a small amount of unrefined sweeteners and oils. The recipes are marked as to which common allergens they don't contain; most are free of wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, and corn.

There are also variations for many of the recipes, so you can adapt them to your preferences. "101 Cookies' is a great example of this. The author gives a basic cookie recipe, then lists possible substitutions for almost every ingredient - so this recipe can give you "101" (more or less!) different types of cookies.

. . if you're looking for an alternative to recipes or commercial mixes with highly processed ingredients, this book is very useful.

-Reader post at