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Praise for The Bare Plum of Winter Rain

"Bare Plum will continue to please those who have been pleased for years by Lane's attention to detail, especially in nature. His competency as a poet is well-proven. Writing of men, he loosens moments of fluid language, as when a male friend remembers "the knife of night he cut himself with/ years ago when he carved his flesh into his own hands/ for want of love, thinking of all the blood there was/ and taking it." Lane's place in Canadian literature doesn't need to be argued."
-Fall Books

"This collection exemplifies Lane's mastery of the poetic craft and virtuosity with a number of poetic styles ranging from quiet meditations and beatific chants to rambling lyrics. . . If you are already familiar with Lane's writing, this book should be a pleasant surprise; if not, this is a great place to start."
-Pat Carroll, Winnipeg Free Press

"Lane is a poet more of the individual, hard-hitting poem; like physical blows, he wields his pieces like small threats of intense beauty."
-Globe and Mail