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Review from Canadian Book Review Annual

A Seattle-based environment group, the Northwest Environment Watch, in their December 1995 report on logging roads on public lands in the northwest American states and British Colombia, cautioned that the number of these roads has nearly doubled since 1960. The group urged a halt to new construction and the closing of the old roads. British Columbia has the longest combined logging-road network in the region, about 305,000 kilometres. Is it possible to utilize these roads for recreational purposes, to enjoy the wilderness areas opened up by the roads without destroying the environment? The FourWheeler's Companion indirectly addresses this issue.

The book is a useful, readable, and thoroughly enjoyable recreational guide to many of the southwestern B.C. logging roads. The maps are good, the photographs are interesting, and the road descriptions meticulous. More than that, however, the directions and descriptions are suffused with the author's enthusiasm for outdoor adventure and care for the environment. Bostwick encourages the off-road four-wheelers to join clubs, clean up their campsites, and behave responsibly. There are lots of technical and safety tips and many stories designed to instruct the four-wheeler in safe travel besides the detailed trail notes for 72 trips along the backcountry roads.
-Johanne M. Pelletier, Canadian Book Review Annual