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One early evening in 1837, the Fort Langley canon boomed in anger. Over a thousand Yucultas streamed up the Fraser to attack Stalo villages. This time, however, instead of proceeding far up the river to prey upon the Chilliwack settlements, the fleet turned suddenly southward toward Whattlekainum’s peaceful Kwantlen village near the Fort. The attack came just before dusk. The sentries yelled. The canon loaded. The swivel guns on the walls armed, and muskets readied. Kwantlen villagers fled for safety into the forest. When the war canoes came into range, the gunners were signaled to fire. Canoes were blown apart; warriors spilled into the water and swam frantically out into the river channel, where many drowned. The Kwantlen, who had fled, now emerged from the woods and with knives and clubs massacred dozens of Yucultas. The remnants of the huge war party escaped down river. Never again would the Yucultas be an important factor in the life of the Fraser Valley.