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Books in Canada Review and Table of contents

Books in Canada
...This leads to the counter-argument posed by Howard White in his introduction to Ghost in the Gears on the subject of "what makes poetry poetry," he writes:

I'm struck with the inappropriateness of placing many of these pieces in anything so static and exclusive, as this pricey little book - for most of them I would have preferred a spot on the local breakfast broadcast or editorial page where they might have provided a chuckle or a moment of reflection and been disposed of. In our world, those are the spaces most in need of what poetry has to offer, the frontier where the battle for cultural survival must be renewed, and my best hope for this motley, collection is that it contains a few steps toward the kind of poem that could do that work.

White's folksy manifesto moved me and alarmed me at the same time. His poems are admirable, ethical, warm, humane, self-deprecating, accessible. I'm glad he is speaking, and I'm pleased to read his book.
-Margaret Sweatman

The Ghost in the Gears
Tiresias II
Scabby Mackay
The Oldtimer Talks Economics
Invisible Minority
The Executive
Has Anyone Seen the Working Class?
Street Crazies
Poem Ending with a Line by Raymond Carver
From Book Blurbs to the Bomb
The Word
Dante's Wife
City Poets
bp nichol October 1, 1988
Low Ebb
Cups Hanging from Cuphooks
The Dog in the Mountain
The Paintings of E.J. Hughes I
The Paintings of E.J. Hughes II
Dead Farms
Oolachon Grease
Domanic Charlie's Last Forecast
The Raven
Be Careful How You Die
The Time My Body Died
Invisible Kid
The Good Woman
Oldtimer Abroad
Klein Comes Back
A Fairly Honest Guy
The Handkerchief Angle
The Genius
Small Blessings
The Made Bed
Pinned Down by Love
A Study
First Poem of the New Space Age
Long Term Investment
On the Evening News
Alter Ego Wanted
After the Wake
You Tell Me
Fucking Slugs
For the Birds