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Table of contents from The Hour's Acropolis


It amused us
those mornings woken early
to discover names and invent
decidedly human capacities

for the animals, birds
landmarks, light
breezes and the astounding
variety of plants.

So we grew into our lives
godlike, with gods
as companions

and the origins of science
our whim. A shivery, silky

suddenness, delicious
thrill of recognition

surprised us
in everything

till aging
who could quibble
with what had been so vivid
now almost

transparent, our daring assumptions
faded in the old books
to headings, attic

emphatic of a precipitous sadness
we had no stomach for, no means

to divine.

It 11 Amused Us 12

Those Mornings 14 Woken Early 15
To Discover 16 Names 17 And Invent 19
Decidedly 20 Human Capacities 22

For the Animals 24 Birds 2 5
Landmarks, Light 27
Breezes And 29 The Astounding 31
Variety 32 Of Plants 33

So We Grew 36 Into Our Lives 39
Godlike 40 With Gods 41
As Companions 43
And the Origins 45 Of Science 46
Our Whim 48 A Shivery, Silky

Suddenness 49 Delicious 50
Thrill of Recognition 51

Surprised 54 Us
In Everything 55

Till Aging 56
Who Could 58 Quibble 60
With What Had Been 61 So Vivid 63
Now Almost 64

Transparent 65 Our Daring 67 Assumptions 68
Faded 70 In the Old Books 71
To Headings 72 Attic
Definition 73

Emphatic 76 Of a Precipitous Sadness 77
We Had No Stomach For 78 No Means 80

To Divine 81