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Praise for The Lost Coast

“Tim Bowling is one of Canada's greatest living poets. He's also a novelist and an accomplished storyteller with a gift for vivid imagery ... Bowling enjoys something of an advantage over historians, journalists, ecologists and anthropologists. Which is why The Lost Coast is important ... There’s a lovely magical realism about The Lost Coast. Killer whales glide in and out of it, the night is always as dark as blackberries, and the characters and wharf rats loom so much larger than life.”
—Terry Glavin, The Globe and Mail

“Tim Bowling is a powerful writer, and this meditation on his childhood home and its salmon fishery is written from a deep well of emotion.”
—Bob Armstrong, Winnipeg Free Press

“ exceptionally fine depiction of a vanishing way of life...The Lost Coast is an excellent memoir.”
—Steve Noyes, Vancouver Sun,

“Lyrical, thought-provoking writing.”
—Annie Boulanger, Burnaby Now

“Both a lyrical lament for the changing environment and a celebration of life.”
—"Editor's Picks," Shared-Vision

“It’s the best prose [Bowling] has written.”
—Edgar Dunning, The Delta Optimist

“For [Bowling], the salmon are gods and the Fraser takes on dimensions that make it confluent with the Styx, Thames, Congo and Lethe. There is always something vital at stake in Bowling's work, and rarely do the trivia of modern writers' preoccupations seep in.... [T]his book... is a work of transcendent beauty and anger - and somewhat surprisingly, it is also a work of hope.

“Bowling... offers glimpses into his own present-day existence — car-free, TV-free, independent — as a simple example of how one might go about restaking a claim to wildness and severing ties to the massing forces of infinite economic expansion. The more of us who follow his counsel and ways, the better off we'll be.”
—Zachariah Wells, Vancouver Review

“Bowling's Lost Coast is an angry, informed, and loving lament for a way of life and a place that is gone.”
—Bill Robertson, The Saskatoon StarPhoenix

“One of the strongest aspects of the book, in my opinion, is Bowling's modulation of his often sentimental tone with a reluctance to view environmental crisis as a solely contemporary phenomenom. ... Bowling's vision, forcefully expressed, is compelling even as an individual response to ecological change.”
—“Nicholas Bradley,” Canadian Literature