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Praise for The Love Song of Laura Ingalls Wilder

“In Sharon McCartney’s The Love Song of Laura Ingalls Wilder, poems take on not only the voices of characters from the Little House books, but also the voices of animals and inanimate objects (wolves, rifles, a desk, body parts). This is a highly accomplished and tightly focused collection.”
–Maurice Mireau, Winnipeg Free Press

“What McCartney ultimately expresses, again and again in a careful, crafted and accomplished lyric voice, is a girl’s fury at the gap between a storybook world and a real world’s disappointments.”
–Sonnet L'Abbé, The Globe and Mail

"...McCartney's poems have plenty of lyrical snap, and they're often as slyly nuanced as they are entertaining. As "Pa's Big Green Book" puts it, in one dramatic monologue, 'Do you think you know / what I'm about? Think again. There's / an edge to each sheet of paper.'"
—Barbara Carey, The Toronto Star

"...I'm convinced of McCartney's engagement in her material. Her use of detail bring a whole world to life, and in the best poems she shows a keen ability to give voice to, for example, the wind...
"Clearly, this is a writer with imagination and tenacious vision...there's enough her to leave us wondering what McCartney will do next."
—Sue Macleod, Atlantic Books Today

"In...Sharon McCartney's The Love Songs of Laura Ingalls Wilder, the reader can spot at once the stretch to go beyond the original. McCartney gives voice to both the animate and inanimate, to the human and not human, to the object. She defines a world from as many perspectives as she can muster."
—Andrew Vaisius, Prairie Fire

"This is an accomplished, beautiful book. I can see myself returning to it many times. It’s a must-have for Little House fans, and for other readers a fascinating journey into historical silence finally given a voice."
—Diane Tucker,