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Praise for The Remarkable Adventures of Portuguese Joe Silvey

"...Jean Barman has illuminated the history of B.C. in all its violence, racism, diversity and unbridled glory."
-Stephen eaton Hume, Vancouver Sun

"My excitement about Portuguese Joe is heightened by its 'holistic' history, and by the kind of reverse snobbery that focuses our attention upon hitherto unknown individuals and families, showing how they fit as one complete tile into the larger mosaic...We seldom hear about these ordinary, non-political people in 'history' yet there would be little hisory without them. In this monograph Barman reminds us that history is the story of individuals, how they come into this world, what they learn, what they do, where they go, how they feed themselves and their families, and their impact upon generations that follow."
-J.M. Bridgeman, Rain Review

"The Remarkable Adventures of Portuguese Joe Silvey concerns a free spirit who, in best 19th-century fashion, invented sequential careers for himself but was often buffeted by larger forces that were at work in the world...Barman's skilled use of hard-come-by facts, anecdotes, and images to restore stories we didn't even know were lost."
-George Fetherling, Georgia Straight