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Praise for The Whole Fam Damily

Praise for The Whole Fam Damily:
"Beatings, sexual abuse, arson. . . all of the sickness that spins out of a family as it swirls in its own destruction from generation to generation.. . . The Whole Fam Damily rings powerfully and disturbingly true."
-The Ottawa Citizen

"Theirs is a world where children learn that beer and violence are as much a part of life as TV and Kraft Dinner."
-The Regina Leader Post

Praise for Deejay and Betty:
"No doily or decorative language, no fancy postmodern structured techniques, just a straight-from-the-heart story."
-Vancouver Sun

Praise for Anne Cameron:
"Anne Cameron's fictional voice is as unique as Canada. She can cuss like a logger or set down words as tender as lullabies."
-Patricia Morley, Ottawa Citizen