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Praise for Voyages to Windward

Voyages to Windward is elegant enough to be a ‘coffee table book,’ but unlike many tomes in that genre, it almost certainly won’t spend any significant amount of time lying around unopened – until it has been read again, and again, and again.”

Voyages to Windward, beautifully illustrated with Elsie’s photographs, details the seven major cruising grounds, Indian villages, bays, coves, islands, scenery, wildlife, artists and much more from Barkley Sound north to Checleset Bay at the southeast side of Brooks Peninsula.”
– Jo Bailey and Carl Nyberg, 48 Degrees North

“If Voyages to Windward doesn’t inspire you to hoist your sails and weigh your anchor for a coastal exploration of very own, then salt water doesn’t run in your veins.”
—Joseph Kula, CanWest News Service