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Table of contents from When Nature Calls

Introduction: Driver, Follow That Dream!
Isles of the Blest
The Call of the Mild
Art for Whose Sake?
The Island Psyche
The Pig War
Legends of the Lost
The Secret Vice of Ferry-Watching
The Specs of Shangri-la
How to Build it Yourself with Help
The Sanctum
Living Without the Mute Button
Free Willy But Not Near Me
When Big Is Ugly
The Tree That's Me
Learning to Love Sharp Objects
Elysian Fields Have Bugs
Departments of the Interior
Explicit Material Online
No Locks on Our Goats
A Fine Point
Neighbours--Who Needs Them?
Unhand that Tomato Plant!
Two-Wheeler Dealing
The Worst Four-Letter Word
Eat Your Heart Out, Safeway
You Can't Bank on It
Beauty and the Bistro
The Cozy Cathedral
Yoo-Hoo, 911
Be My Guest, Sometime
O Solo Mio
Getting It On with Eos
Whither Our Walden?