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Praise for Wild Flowers of the Sea Coast

"An updated edition of Clark's 1974 field guide to coastal wild flowers - light enough to carry with you, with crisp color photographs of the plants in bloom."
-Micheal Upchurch, Seattle Times

"...You can quickly study the nearly full - page illustrations, scan the descriptions and then astound all around you by pointing our the scarlet pimpernel and commenting that it's an exotic, introduced from Europe and found in open places on the southwest coast."
-Cherie Thiessen, Marine Life Magazine

"...The The Wildflowers of the Sea Coast volume covers the Pacific Coast shoreline habitats from northern California to southeastern Alaska, including sand dunes and beaches, spray zone rocks and cliffs, coastal bluffs and coastal edge forests...The text is concise yet informative. The illustrated glossary remains for those of us who need to be reminded what 'pinnately compound' means...This remains as excellent guide for a beach or coastal walk or hike, canoe or kayak trip, or even just a lazy Sunday at the beach."
-Bill Kinkaid, BC Naturalist