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New Titles from Harbour Publishing

Cover Vancouver Light
Visions of a City 978-1-55017-663-6

Cover Cardboard Ocean
A Memoir 978-1-55017-664-3

Cover Echoes of British Columbia
Voices from the Frontier 978-1-55017-678-0

Cover A Rock Fell on the Moon
Dad and the Great Yukon Silver Ore Heist 978-1-55017-672-8

Cover The Best of Adrian Raeside
A Treasury of BC Cartoons 978-1-55017-631-5

Cover Off the Beaten Path
A Hiking Guide to Vancouver's North Shore, Expanded Second Edition 978-1-55017-636-0

Cover Bonsai Love

Cover Heart & Soil
The Revolutionary Good of Gardens 978-1-55017-632-2

Cover We Go Far Back in Time
The Letters of Earle Birney and Al Purdy, 1947-1984 978-1-55017-610-0

Cover Poachers, Polluters and Politics
A Fishery Officer's Career 978-1-55017-639-1

Cover Storyteller
The Art of Roy Henry Vickers 978-1-55017-640-7

Cover Cloudwalker

Cover The Boreal Feast
A Culinary Journey through the North 978-1-55017-627-8

Cover A Field Guide to Edible Fruits and Berries of the Pacific Northwest

Cover Puget Sound - A Boater's Guide
First Edition 978-0-9739865-1-8

Cover Haunting Vancouver
A Nearly True History 978-1-55017-606-3

Cover Raincoast Chronicles 22
Saving Salmon, Sailors and Souls: Stories of Service on the BC Coast 978-1-55017-626-1

Cover Milk Spills and One-Log Loads
Memories of a Pioneer Truck Driver 978-1-55017-622-3

Cover We Are Born with the Songs Inside Us
Lives and Stories of First Nations People in British Columbia 978-1-55017-618-6

Cover End Zones and Border Wars
The Era of American Expansion in the CFL 978-1-55017-614-8

Cover Juan de Fuca's Strait
Voyages in the Waterway of Forgotten Dreams 978-1-55017-617-9

Cover Sea Salt
Recipes from the West Coast Galley 978-1-55017-555-4

New Titles from Nightwood Editions

Cover O Canada Crosswords Book 15

Cover What I Want to Tell Goes Like This

Cover The things I heard about you

Cover Cycling with the Dragon

Cover For Your Safety Please Hold On

Cover How Does A Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun?

Cover Old Hat

Cover Pluck

Cover There Are No Solid Gold Dancers Anymore

Cover Canoodlers