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Harbour Buys Lost Moose

Posted: October 1, 2004

Harbour Publishing today took over the operations of Lost Moose Publishing, the Yukon's leading publisher. Lost Moose had published 17 titles since beginning operations in 1991, the best known of which were the Whole Lost Moose Catalogue Vols. 1, 2 and 3, large-format compendiums of whimsy, history and literature about life in the north. The second in the series sold over 20,000 copies.

Despite its confined market area, Lost Moose produced handsome, high-quality books and achieved high per title sales. Chilcoot Trail, a history of the famous Klondike gold rush route, sold 13,583 copies and is the publisher's current top seller. Other titles in the Lost Moose list include Yukon: Colour of the Land, a coffee-table book, Alsek's ABC Adventure, a children's ABC title, Law of the Yukon, a history of the RCMP in the north, Whitehorse and Area Hikes and Bikes, a recreation guide that is being revised for spring '05, Yukon Quest, about the Yukon's famous dogsled race, Skookum's North and Eyes of the Husky,two cartoon books, Wild Rivers, Wild Lands, an environmental critique, I Married the Klondike, the classic memoir by Pierre Berton's mother, Edge of the River, Heart of the City, a history of Whitehorse, Urban Coyote vols 1 and 2, Klondike Trail, a guide book, and Wood Spoken, a poetry title by Erling Friis-Baastad.

All of these can now be ordered through Harbour Publishing. Lost Moose will continue life as an imprint of Harbour, which will actively build the list.

You can read more about Harbour's adoption of Lost Moose in the Whitehorse Star