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Why is the Three Rivers Wilderness Important?

Posted: January 3, 2006

In the Yukon we still can achieve what has eluded us elsewhere in Canadato live in our natural environment and draw from its resources while ensuring the entire living community remains whole. As wildlands and mountain rivers such as those of the Peel watershed become increasingly rare in North America and around the world, we have a profound responsibility to bequeath these wonders of nature to future generationsboth for humanity and for their intrinsic value.
To bring attention to this area Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society-Yukon has produced a book celebrating the Three Rivers area.  Three Rivers: The Yukon’s Great Boreal Wilderness  edited  by Juri Peepre features stunning photography, art works from the traveling national exhibition, and essays by local authors and prominent Canadians including Margaret Atwood, John Ralston-Saul and Brian Brett. Find out more about this important conservation project by visiting the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society Yukon Chapter.