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Meet Canadian Quiz Masters Barbara Olson and Dave Macleod

Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2007

 Barbara Olson and Dave Macleod, authors of O Canada Crosswords 8: 75 Themed Daily-sized Puzzles (Nightwood Editions) will be at Coles, 1107 Lakeside Drive, Nelson, BC on Saturday, December 8 at 1:00 pm for a book signing.

Find “What’s Missing Eh?” and “Game Misconduct” in this Canucks-themed crossword book. With 75 daily-sized helpings of real Canadian mind food, Olson and Macleod nurture the Canadian in all of us.

Do you know?
· Something of Stompin' Tom’s from PEI? (SPUD)
· What a map of Québec is called? (CARTE)
· An old Hudson's Bay Company supplier? (VOYAGEUR)

If you’re getting warm, come get your next dose of witty wordplay.

Barbara Olson’s love of words has led her to earn a degree in French translation, to write a newspaper column on the joys and pitfalls of the English language, and most recently, to construct crossword puzzles.

Born of Canadian parents in Princeton, New Jersey, Dave Macleod’s awareness of the cultural differences between the two countries began at an early age. He moved to Canada in 1975 to study forestry, and in his spare time he learned to construct crosswords.