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Mountie in Mukluks Author

Posted: June 13, 2008

Harbour writer Patrick White, author of Mountie in Mukluks , won "Best New Writer" at the National Magazine Awards presentation in Toronto April 13. White, a reporter for the Globe and Mail, won for his article "Red Rush" which appeared in the Walrus. The article details the effects of the mountain pine beetle infestation devastating BC's forest industry and is based on White's experiences working in the Vanderhoof area as a logger and silviculturist. In his acceptance speech White thanked his mother, Harbour co-publisher Mary White, and the Vanderhoof logging company "that trusted a needy student with some very large and expensive equipment, even after I buried one machine up to its smokestack in a swamp." Host Adam Sternberg noted the award was "for more than just one article," adding "Patrick rocks!"