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Caitlin Poet Pays Tribute to Musician Glenn Gould

Posted: September 18, 2008

On September 25, 2008, Canadian music icon Glenn Gould would have turned seventy-six. His sudden death occurred nearly twenty-six years ago, just after his fiftieth birthday, but even now -- more than forty years after his last appearance on the concert stage -- his legacy continues.

Vancouver poet Kate Braid will mark Gould’s birthday with the launch of her new book, A Well-Mannered Storm: The Glenn Gould Poems. This volume is an exploration of imagined correspondence between Gould and “K,” an admiring fan. Braid’s collection weaves an intimate dynamic as K struggles with the loss of her hearing in one ear, finding her greatest comfort in Gould’s music--particularly as he plays Bach. Gould’s poems don’t directly reply, but echo a response as he struggles with his own difficult life; his family, his health, his strong beliefs in how music should be presented and his personal habits considered “eccentric” by an ever-watchful press.

Caitlin Press will release A Well-Mannered Storm at the Bistro at The Sylvia Hotel on Thursday, September 25 at 7:30pm. The event will also launch Ronsdale Press’s Writing the West Coast: In Love with Place, edited by Christine Lowther and Anita Sinner. The evening features readings by Kate Braid, Darcy Dobell, Hannelore Evans, Betty Krawczyk, Joanna Robinson and David Tindall. Book sales will be available on site through Duthie Books. For more information about the launch, phone 604-788-4688 or email