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Christian McPherson Signs Books in Ottawa

Posted: April 28, 2011

Join Nightwood Editions author Christian McPherson for a book signing featuring his new poetry collection, The Sun has Forgotten Where I Live (Now or Never Publishing) and his recently released debut novel The Cube People (Nightwood Editions) at Collected Works in Ottawa— 1242 Wellington Street—on Sunday, May 8 from 1 to 3pm.

Award-winning Ottawa author Christian McPherson is one of Ottawa Magazine’s top ten reasons to love Ottawa! If you haven't met him yet, this is your chance!

For more information regarding Christian’s book signing, please call Collected Works at (613) 722-1265.

He made the list with his debut novel, The Cube People, published last fall, which pokes fun at government cubicle culture as only a civil servant can. In The Cube People, McPherson surrounds his protagonist, Colin MacDonald, with a cast of screwball characters while he toils away at his government job, struggles with fertility and dreams of becoming a published writer. Recycled air, bad lighting and bizarre environmental office policies by day; scheduled love-making sessions and rejection letters by night, push MacDonald to try to write his way out of his cyclical life story. Part tragedy, part comedy—with a bit of horror thrown in for fun—McPherson cooks up a boiling plot and a memorable anti-hero.

Christian will also be singing copies of The Sun has Forgotten Where I live, his second book of poetry, which was just launched in Ottawa this April. The poems in this collection are snapshots of suburban fatherhood, philosophical musings on our limited temporal existence, and rants about an absurd world. McPherson reflects the world back to us as if we were seeing it through a series of wonky carnival ride mirrors. Sometimes the images are so outlandish that all you can do is laugh. Other times you can make out the ghostly apparition of death with his arm snugly wrapped around your shoulder. Whatever reflections of joy, sadness, fear, horror, or love may be observed, the truth always radiates in subtle waves, bringing the world into sharper focus. With The Sun Has Forgotten Where I Live, you need to grab hold of the safety bar and prepare to go on the ride, which is your life.

Christian McPherson’s work has been published in Kiss Machine, Queen’s Quarterly, The New Quarterly and dANDdelion, and in the anthologies Open Window III and Seeds 3. His stories and poems have won several awards and honourable mentions, including the John Spencer Hill Award, the Ottawa Public Library Short Story Award, and the Canadian Poetry Association’s Poetry Competition. His first book Six Ways to Sunday was shortlisted for the ReLit Award for Fiction. McPherson lives in Ottawa and works as a computer programmer by day, and a writer by night. He has a degree in philosophy from Carleton University and a computer programming diploma from Algonquin College.