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Meet Sport Fishing Expert Larry E. Stefanyk in Nanaimo!

May 25, 2011

Larry E. Stefanyk knows fishing. He’s the founding publisher of Vancouver Island’s Island Fisherman Magazine, author of the newly released Ultimate Trout Fishing in the Pacific Northwest, and has collaborated on fishing guides like Island Halibut Fisherman and Island Salmon Fisherman. Larry can give you all the tools you need to take full advantage of the fishing Vancouver Island has to offer.

Larry Stefanyk will be signing copies of his fishing guidebooks on Saturday, June 4 at Costco in Nanaimo (6700 Island Highway North) from 1:00 to 3:00pm.

As the saying goes, to catch a fish, you’ve got to think like a fish. Larry’s most recent book, Ultimate Trout Fishing in the Pacific Northwest, instructs readers on how to think like a fish, but more specifically, how to think like a local trout!

Trout fishing is a rewarding sport and it’s easy to get started: licenses are inexpensive, good equipment can be found in all price ranges, and best of all, trout are plentiful in saltwater, brackish estuaries, lakes of every size, small streams and large, fast-flowing rivers. There’s no need for an expensive boat either as trout can be fished from shore, by casting from a small boat or trolling in a float tube.

With contributions from expert anglers and guides Joie Coe, Kenzie Cuthbert, Frank Dalziel, Dr. Adipose Huxley, Bill Luscombe, Phil Rowley, Ralph Shaw and Ron Thompson, Ultimate Trout Fishing in the Pacific Northwest is an up-to-date and comprehensive look at all aspects of trout sport fishing in this region. The full-colour guide is useful for beginner and experienced trout fishermen alike. Full of both practical advice and interesting tidbits, it’s made to be thumbed through over and over again, and rabbit-eared on the page with that tip you’ve just got to remember.

Larry E. Stefanyk lives in Campbell River, BC. Ultimate Trout Fishing in the Pacific Northwest is his fourth book, having previously collaborated on Island Fly Fisherman, Island Halibut Fisherman and Island Salmon Fisherman.

For more information about this free event, please phone Costco in Nanaimo at (250) 390-3231.