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Everyday Eden on the CBC Studio One Book Club!

Posted: May 26, 2011

Everyday Eden: 100+ Fun, Green Garden Projects for the Whole Family to Enjoy is getting all kinds of attention for its fun, easy, beautiful, garden projects and gifts. On May 19, authors Christina Symons and John Gillespie were featured on the CBC Studio One Book Club with Sheryl MacKay. The special episode, dubbed The Garden Bloggers Bookclub, will air on CBC Radio One's North by Northwest this Saturday, May 28 from 8 to 9am Pacific Time. Listen in to check out what all the buzz is about!

Also interviewed on the episode is Andrea Bellamy, author of Sugar Snaps and Strawberries. For more information on Everyday Eden, visit

Using inexpensive, often recycled, materials and easy techniques, Everyday Eden presents a lively collection of garden projects and practices that will delight beginner and experienced green thumbs alike. Whether you have just five minutes or an entire weekend, this full-colour book is designed to delight and inspire. Here are step-by-step instructions and gorgeous photography for lovely gifts from the garden, delightful recipes and cocktails and inspiring weekend garden projects, plus fun things especially for children to make and grow like flowerpot cupcakes and personalized pumpkins. With ideas on everything from gorgeous succulent sculptures and living willow fences to fresh ways to arrange flowers and plan stylish garden soirées, Everyday Eden maximizes enjoyment of outdoor spaces—from balcony-sized urban green spaces to rural acreages.