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Celebrate National Poetry Month with Harbour Publishing and Nightwood Editions Poets!

Posted: Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at 12:08pm


Read Poetry!

Harbour Publishing and Nightwood Editions are pleased to announce new books by some of Canada’s finest poets. Over the next month, there will be poetry events across the country featuring readings with Russell Thornton (Birds, Metals, Stones and Rain), Elizabeth Bachinsky (The Hottest Summer in Recorded History), Tim Bowling (Selected Poems), Jay MillAr (Timely Irreverence), Blaise Moritz (Zeppelin), Brad Cran (Ink on Paper), Sandy Pool (Undark) and Tom Wayman (Dirty Snow):

—with Brad Cran, Elizabeth Bachinksy and Jay MillAr

—Russell Thornton will be launching Birds, Metals, Stones and Rain

—With a reading by Sandy Pool

—With readings by Sandy Pool and Tom Wayman

—With Blaise Moritz, Jay MillAr, Elizabeth Bachinsky and Brad Cran

—Elizabeth Bachinsky will be touring the country with The Hottest Summer in Recorded History

—Jay MillAr will be reading in St. Catherines and Toronto

—Tim Bowling is launching Selected Poems, a beautiful hard-cover collection


For a complete list of author events, see our events calendar.