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New Voices and Classic Characters at the Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts

Posted: Monday, August 12, 2013 at 10:49am

This August, the Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts will feature Brad Somer, one of Canada's hottest new voices in fiction, as well as a classic TV personality, Jackson Davies, who played Constable John Constable on the well-loved TV show, The Beachcombers.

Brad Somer, the author of Imperfections, will read from his novel at the New Voices event on Sunday, August 19 at 3pm, along with Théodora Armstrong, author of No Wind, 100% Visibility. The event is being moderated by Susan Swan. Somer's hilarious, yet poignant novel examines society's twisted notions of beauty, and critiques our obsession with physical perfection. It was chosen by Canadian booksellers as one of the top eight fiction books of 2012; it also received a CBC Bookie Award (the reader's choice awards) for the top "New Kid on the Block." In a starred review in Quill & Quire, Mark Sampson wrote: "Virtually every paragraph of Imperfections teems with authorial talent unafraid to show itself off. Let's hope we see lots more of Bradley Somer on Canadian literature's catwalk. Work it, baby, work it." Clearly, Brad Somer is a writer to watch!

Jackson Davies will provide an insider's perspective to the Beachcombers on Sunday, August 18 at 9:00am. He will share stories from his book, Bruno and the Beach: The Beachcombers at 40, which was written with show's co-creator and principal writer, the late Marc Strange. The book is full of anecdotes, hundreds of archival photos and some surprising revelations. It celebrates the show that was groundbreaking for its First Nations content, and notable for an outstanding supporting cast, including Robert Clothier (Relic), Pat John (Jesse), Rae Brown (Molly), and, of course, Jackson Davies.

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