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Harbour Elder Writes First Book at Age 99

Posted: Monday, November 25, 2013 at 8:46am

Harbour Publishing is sometimes teased for the high average age of its authors, many of whom are west coast pioneers writing memoirs late in life. The champ until now was Rex Terpening, who wrote the bestselling Bent Props and Blow Pots at age 90, but this week he was deposed by pioneer truck logger Frank White, who breaks into print with his first book at the tender age of 99! Milk Spills and One-Log Loads is a rollicking tale of trucking bulk milk and bootleg spuds in the Fraser Valley and then operating the first rickety trucks in the logging industry when motors were small and the trees were so gigantic often one log was all a truck could carry. Milk Spills and One-Log Loads is an evocative snapshot of an earlier era on the west coast, rich with side-splitting anecdotes and great old photos. Meet its venerable author at the launch, to be held at the Pender Harbour School of Music on Dec. 1, from 2-4 PM.