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Sixteen Exciting New Titles for Spring 2014

Posted: Tuesday, December 17, 2013 at 10:44am

Harbour’s 2014 Spring list, featuring subjects such as cooking, gardening, poetry, First Nations art, short stories and cartoons, has titles to keep you going from spring cleaning all the way through to summer beach reading.

On the heels of their previous bestseller, Raven Brings the Light (Harbour Publishing, 2013), Roy Henry Vickers and Robert Budd return with another beautifully illustrated children’s book, Cloudwalker, which tells the tale of how the Sacred Headwaters and three rivers arising from it were formed. For those yearning for more from the fantastic duo, Storyteller, a gorgeous coffee-table book, features 120 prints painted by the talented Roy Henry Vickers over the last decade.

Michele Genest, author of The Boreal Gourmet (Harbour Publishing, 2010), again pays tribute to the flavours of the North with The Boreal Feast. This masterpiece is truly an adventure, morphing Northern European traditions with Canadian ones to create both a culinary and a cultural exploration.

Gardeners and nature-lovers will rejoice at Heart and Soil, a collection of charming essays from renowned environmental activist and garden columnist Des Kennedy.  

Looking forward to getting back outside after a long, cold winter? Don’t miss Off the Beaten Path: A Hiking Guide to Vancouver’s North Shore, Expanded Second Edition by Norman Watt, an updated guide to all the best hiking on the North Shore—as well as two lesser-known gems in the Pemberton area. Authors Anne and Laurence Yeadon-Jones have also published Puget Sound – A Boater’s Guide for those looking to get out on the water.

A Field Guide to Edible Fruits and Berries is on the way from Richard Hebda, just in time for spring blooming.

New author Randy Nelson is sure to win over everyone’s hearts with Poachers, Polluters, and Politics, a collection of rollicking short stories telling of his adventures in tricking, chasing and catching poachers for 35 years while working as a Fishery Officer throughout BC.

The beloved Adrian Raeside is back in The Best of Adrian Raeside: A Treasury of BC Cartoons, a collection of witty and pertinent cartoons on his favourite subject: the foibles of life on Canada’s wet coast. These hilarious cartoons, dealing with subjects from the Northern Gateway pipeline to yoga devotees to redneck fisherman, will ring true with anyone familiar with ‘Super, Natural British Columbia.’

Ian McTaggart-Cowan: The Legacy of a Pioneering Biologist, Educator and Conservationist is a tribute to a man who changed the face of conservation in BC through his contributions to the Royal BC Museum’s natural history collection and his dedication in his work as UBC Professor of Zoology, among many other accomplishments. It features descriptions of his major works and moving testimonials from those he mentored throughout his long and storied life.

Poetry lovers have much to look forward to this season with Bonsai Love from Diane Tucker, an intimate look at the delicacy of love. Nightwood editions is pleased to present Old Hat from Rob Winger, an attempt to reorder and rethink common experiences; Pluck by Laisha Rosnau, examining issues of sexuality, female vulnerability and parenthood; There Are No Solid Gold Dancers Anymore by Adrienne Weiss, which shows the struggles and dreams common to both stars and those not in the spotlight, and how we are all part of a performance; and Canoodlers by andrea bennett, questioning all types of social, cultural, and political relationships.

Also from Nightwood, Doretta Lau assesses what it means to be Canadian with her collection of short stories in How Does a Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun? She focuses in on young Asian Canadians and other immigrant children and grandchildren, and how each struggles to find their place in the Western world.