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Adrian Raeside's New Collection of Cartoons Will Leave You Howling

Posted: Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 3:28pm

Adrian Raeside’s comics have long been a favourite to BC readers and dog lovers everywhere. His latest collection, Tails Don’t Lie 2: A Pack of Dog Cartoons, compiles 340 full-colour cartoons that offer a window into the mind of our canine companions.

Tails Don't Lie 2

Raeside had been in the comic biz for decades before his work began to take an unintentional focus: “As in life, dogs can slowly but surely take over your life, and in this case, the comic strip,” Raeside tells the Times Colonist, where he worked as an editorial cartoonist for many years. From this grew The Other Coast, Raeside’s long-running comic strip that featured many dogs including Raeside’s own, and taught readers that there is much to be learned from our furry friends.

In Tails Don’t Lie 2, we learn why dogs covet the driver’s seat, what would happen if dogs went on space missions (do aliens have dogs?), the humiliation of tail docking, the immense importance of trees to a dog, and many other fascinating philosophical queries. Within these charming tales that provide a unique perspective, we learn valuable lessons about ourselves. Dogs have a lot to teach us about enjoying the simpler pleasures in life, if we know how to understand them.