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Spring 2020 Books Coming Soon!

Posted: Monday, January 20, 2020 at 2:55pm

It’s January 2020 and that means we have a bevy of new and exciting books coming your way! Delve into stories about British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest, from picture books to memoirs to field guides, poetry, essays and more. Keep reading to learn about our upcoming books… and stay tuned for part II!

A moving personal and journalistic account of wildfire season in BC, Claudia Cornwall’s British Columbia in Flames: Stories from a Blazing Summer presents stories from communities across the province that were affected by the fires of 2017. This memoir highlights the strength with which communities can and will come together to face a terrifying force of nature. Moving back in time, On the Cusp of Contact: Gender, Space and Race in the West, a collection of seventeen essays by the award-winning historian Jean Barman, pieces together stories of individuals and groups disadvantaged in white settler society because of their gender, race and/or social class. The essays in this collection include fascinating, though largely forgotten, life stories of the frontier—that space between contact and settlement, where, for a brief moment, anything seemed possible. 

For the life-long learners out there, we have some wonderful field guides and guide books coming soon! Learn about the importance of seeds in Saving Seeds: A Home Gardener’s Guide to Preserving Plant Biodiversity, a wonderfully compact garden guide and environmental manifesto by local author Dan Jason. If you’re curious about critters, check out Greg Jensen’s Field Guide to Crabs of the Pacific Northwest—a richly illustrated folding guide to over thirty species of crabs and hermit crabs from Oregon to BC. Budding paleontologist? You’ll fall in love with A Field Guide to Fossils by paleontologist and professor W. Scott Persons IV. From dinosaur bones to petrified wood, primordial seashells to archaic oddballs, this handy field guide makes identification of fossils a cinch!  

Also by Dr. W. Scott Persons IV is Mega Rex, a non-fiction book for kids ages eight to fourteen. Journey into the prehistoric world of dinosaurs and discover what it was like to excavate the skeleton 'Scotty,' the world's largest and longest T. rex ever discovered. Dr. Persons distills this research, plus thrilling details about the discovery of Scotty and the lives of tyrannosaurs, into this exciting illustrated account. 

Younger readers (ages three to five) will be captivated by The Great Grizzlies Go Home, from acclaimed artist and illustrator Judy Hilgemann. When two curious young grizzly bears go on a very long swim far from their usual home in the Great Bear Rainforest, they discover all sorts of exciting things. This hardcover picture book tells the story of the bears’ adventurous journey, ending in their safe relocation back to the mainland, all the while packing in bear safety tips and presenting a beautiful story that will enchant the imagination of readers young and old.  

From acclaimed Indigenous storyteller Joseph A. Dandurand comes a charming tale of the Sasquatch, spirit of the great cedar forest. The Sasquatch, the Fire and the Cedar Baskets, published by Nightwood Editions, will thrill those ages six to eight with its beautiful illustrations by Dionne Paul and its sweet story of a young Sasquatch falling in love and building a family.

For the youngest among us (ages zero to two), check out Raven Squawk, Orca Squeak from the dynamic (and highly acclaimed!) duo, Roy Henry Vickers and Robert Budd. In this fourth installment of the bestselling First West Coast Book series, sounds of the West Coast are paired with gorgeous glossy illustrations. From the roar of sea lions to the creak and rustle of cedar branches in the wind to the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean, this board book will delight the very youngest readers.

Stay tuned to hear more about our spring 2020 books! Keep an eye on our events calendar to check out exciting events near you, and join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter!