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ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-322-2
ISBN 10: 1-55017-322-7
7.5 x 9 - 62 pp
March 2005
CAD$8.95 • USD$8.95

Cross-Canada Crosswords

Who entertains with Lois and Bram? What lake monster’s name is a palindrome? Which prairie city shares its name with a “berry” good dessert?

Book Description

Here are some hints: They’re all Canadian, and they’re all found in Cross-Canada Crosswords, a collection of 26 engaging and whimsical brain-teasers with a distinct maple flavour from Calgary-based crossword designer Gwen Sjogren.

Most crosswords appearing in Canadian newspapers and puzzle books originate in the USA, and it shows in the spellings and cultural references. Cross-Canada Crosswords is for those who know that football has three downs, wouldn’t expect to find alcohol in a Nanaimo bar and recognize that Sjogren’s relentless puns betray her puckish sense of humour.

Every crossword is sprinkled with references to the Great White North. Themes include Canada’s entertainment exports, peacekeeping, talk-show hosts and, of course, hockey. But you don’t have to be Canadian to enjoy these crosswords. Several puzzles offer non-Canadian themes, such as British authors, cacti and movies.

High-quality puzzles (and paper stock to match) make Cross-Canada Crosswords the perfect gift for crossword lovers across—and down—Canada.


Praise for the Cross-Canada Crosswords series:
Cross-Canada Crosswords is…appealing not only for its Canadian content but also for its witty humour and challenging clues. This book is highly recommended… for the crossword enthusiast.”
-Resource Links, October 2005

“They are clever, funny and Canadian in spelling and content”
-K. Joan Hebden, Chronicle-Journal