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ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-180-8
ISBN 10: 1-55017-180-1
24 illustrations
7 x 8.5 - 28 pp
CAD$7.95 • USD$7.95


The One Who Takes Bad Children
by Sue Pielle, illustrated by Greta Guzek
with Anne Cameron
"One of the things lurking out in the night was so horrible and so terrifying the people had no name for it, and only called it The One Who Takes Bad Children."

Book Description

A young brother and sister in the village of Sliammon must go out after dark to fetch their grandmother, and even though they are good children, they are caught by The One Who Takes Bad Children. It is up to the brother and sister to free themselves and all the other children by doing what they have been taught: stay calm, pay attention, and use everything you can find around you.

An elder of the Sliammon people, Sue Pielle is one of the most respected story tellers in British Columbia. She works with the child development centre at Sliammon and in the Sliammon language and cultural programme at James Thompson School.

Anne Cameron is a well known Canadian writer and an neighbour of Sue Pielle.